The ideal ice
Russell Davis

Scotsman presents Russell Davis from the hit TV Show Bar Rescue

Mixologists know that the right ice makes the drink. That's why Scotsman is the ideal ice.

Whether it's our signature, gourmet Cubes or our popular Nuggets, Scotsman has what homeowners and contractors need to elevate the experience.

What's more, the ideal ice calls for the ultimate mixologist. That's why we've brought celebrity mixologist Russell Davis to our team. You may have seen Russell on the hit TV Show "Bar Rescue." See him in action in our exclusive Scotsman Ice video.

Watch Russell Davis mix it up
Choco Nugget Drink

Recipes for success: choco nugget

Satisfy your chocolate cravings with this sweet concoction. The special ingredient (acid phosphate) creates an effervescent reaction that makes it fun to drink. Add Scotsman Nugget Ice® and top with zest of a blood orange for a citrusy twist.

Full drink recipe

Nugget Ice Makes the Drink

Created to give you The Original Chewable Ice® you love. The Brilliance® Nugget Ice Machine produces soft, chewable nuggets that are perfect for cooling down any drink.

Brilliance® Nugget Ice Machine

Sage Drink

Recipes for success: sage cube

Sour and sweet meet up for this delicious drink. Cherry preserves and sage leaves produce a light, sweet flavor. Serve over slow-melting Scotsman cubes to keep your drink fresh.

Full drink recipe

Cube Ice Makes the Drink

This machine produces the classic cube ideal for sodas, cocktails and more. Crystal-clear, taste-free and slow to melt, the cube is a popular choice for many homeowners.

Brilliance® Gourmet Cuber